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At Lettings Express we are committed to helping improve our local community. We do this by engaging with local contractors, basing our main branch in Eston, Middlesbrough and setting standards for our housing stock and prospective tenants.

We believe strongly that setting a minimum standard for the properties we take on can only benefit everyone. We help landlords improve and restore their properties, using local tradesmen, which in turn improves the areas they are situated in and benefits any prospective tenants by offering a higher quality property.

Local tradesmen and contractors benefit from a regular flow of work. Basing ourselves within the community also means we use local services on a daily basis both personally and in the running of our business. Local suppliers are used for maintaining properties, advertising, printed collateral and web based services to name a few.

Middlesbrough offers many opportunities for local landlords and investors alike. We pride ourselves on understanding the area and its people and tailor our services to suit all of our clients individually. In doing so the wider community benefits whilst landlords and investors can enjoy good returns and rental yields in the safe knowledge that Lettings Express are looking after their properties in an efficient manner.

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